I worked for twenty three years for the federal government. When they announced that they were shutting down my office and moving everyone to a regional office in another state, I made the decision not to relocate. They offered me eleven months of severance ... and I took them up on the offer.

I did everything right. I applied for unemployment the Monday following my last day. I found out the amount of each severance payment and the amount of the lump sum payment for my leave. I applied for jobs. I went on interviews. I filled out the paperwork for a total withdrawal of my Thrift Savings Plan. It wasn't much ... but it would be enough to pay off my divorce settlement and my credit card.

I planned for everything ... except a government shutdown. I had all my ducks in a row ... and then someone drained the pond.

I've been approved for unemployment. However they can't calculate my benefits because they can't verify my income because there is no one working in the government to verify my income.

I won't be getting my severance next week ... or my lump sum payment. Even though it technically isn't income and is different than payroll, it is still processed by the same people. The same people who aren't working. There isn't anyone there to even process my withdrawal request.

The cherry on top of this sundae ... I bank with a credit union for federal employees ... that is located inside the IRS. Even though they are open, no one is allowed in the building so any transactions have to be completed by phone or mail.

I'm beyond frustrated. I worked hard. My job was eliminated. I'm working hard to get another job ... I have a second interview with the same company next week. With any luck, I'll have a job before they get this shutdown situation fixed.

I don't care about partisan tantrums and blame games. All I know is that if I'm hurting, there are others that are hurting worse.